Shaelbopp (shaelbopp) wrote,


I have something corporeal to represent a year's effort.

The real deal. Rightside up.

Upside down. I accidentally credited Sgt. Ranmna and gave the wrong URL for Steve's site--albeit off only by one should-be-possesive-but-can't-use-apostrophes-in-URLs "s"--but all of the other corrections, like the important inclusion of Studio Compyfox's mastering work, were included at the last minute, right before printing. *phew* Chad's a lifesaver!

Andy got delayed at work, so our new ETA for Katsucon is 5:0am. It's gonna be super fun to drive at night, with him. That's the best situation--night driving--for indie heavy metal and trance blasting.

I've still gotta throw together some clothes anyway. I tried to take a nap to prepare for the long drive but I'm too excited. :)

And no, I'm not selling the CDs at Katsucon; the CDs aren't even printed yet, only the cases. I'm going to Katsucon to see AZN-hotness X-strike. I'm going to hang out with X-strike. And see MC Chris. And watch fan-made "lie sub" parodies. And play Kings in mixed company. I LOVE MC CHRIS. It's gonna rule. I hope he comes to Steph's party.

Anyway, I'm only selling the CDs at, and I won't begin selling them until March at the earliest. CDs will contain completely remastered tracks of signifigantly higher quality than the MP3s, which will remain freely downloadable from the site.
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